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Precious Metals


Clarkstown Coin & Jewelry makes daily buy/sell markets in the world’s most popular precious metal coins and bars. With a full line of silver, gold, and platinum bullion coins and bars, our trading desk can assist you five days a week with live market quotes and fast, confidential service.

Silver we buy and sell:

  • 90% U.S. Silver Coins

  • U.S. Silver dollars

  • .999 Silver Bars

  • U.S. Silver Eagles

Gold we buy and sell:

  • U.S. Gold Eagles

  • .9999 Gold Bars

  • Canada Maple Leafs

  • English Sovereigns

  • S.A. Krugerrands

  • Mexican Pesos

  • Chinese Pandas

  • Misc. World Gold

Gold we buy and sell:

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  • U.S. Platinum Eagles

  • .9999 Platinum Bars 

  • Canada Maple Leafs

  • Misc. World Platinum

*Please note: Bullion purchases that exceed $1,000.00 are not subject to state or local sales tax. Please ask for our trading desk for other information.

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